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Instructor Qualifications


Employment Opportunities

Instructors must have a least 5 years of professional experience in the industry in a position (or positions) that bears directly on mortgage loan origination practices including but not limited to: origination, underwriting, secondary marketing, operations compliance, quality control, and/or other comparable positions.  Not required, however suggested to be a license loan officer.


Real estate instructors must hold a college degree in real estate or have 5 years of active experience as a license holder and hold an active instructor license.

Insurance instructors must hold a college degree or have 5 years of active experience as a license holder.

Instructors must demonstrate, through recent and verifiable experience, credentials and/or other means, expertise in one or more areas of insurance, real estate or mortgage loan origination laws and practices including, but not limited to:


• Federal law and regulations;

• State laws and regulations (for one or more state and/or agencies); and

• General insurance, real estate and/or mortgage origination knowledge and practices.

Instructor Skills

It is preferred but not required that the instructor have a BA/BS degree from a regionally accredited institution and/or equivalent experience and credentials. Instructors must also meet the minimum requirements for a criminal background check, fingerprint, and credit check (at the applicant's expense) that are included in the SAFE Act. Instructors are required to have experience teaching adult learners and possess the skills as listed below.

Interpersonal Skills:

Instructors must possess excellent interpersonal skills that foster relationship and team building. Instructors need to be able to work appropriately with diverse groups of people. Instructors are required to be respectful of and refrain from making comments that may reveal political, cultural, or gender bias.

Communication Skills:

Instructors are required to use language, including industry terminology, confidently and appropriately.

Teaching Skills:

Instructors must possess the ability to share information one-to-one or one-to-many. Additionally, the instructor must be able to demonstrate mastery of the course material, plan lessons and lead students through the course topics, and collect and use information from a diverse set of resources. Note: Simply reading from the text, materials, or state/federal statues with little or no interaction and/or synthesis of the material does not meet the definition of teaching.

Organizational Skills:

Instructors must be able to set learning objective goals, plan activities, establish priorities, and manage time.

Potential instructors are required to email their resumes to the company info@freedomfinancialinstitute.org 


Instructors are monitored on a regular basis for compliance requirements. Instructors are required to review and sign the Standards of Conduct checklist including, but not limited to: business and marketing standards, consumer protection and service standards, and ethical and legal standards. 

Employment Opportunities

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